Black Kali

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Black Kali is high powered luxury in a bottle. If you’re wondering, ‘Girl, but what does it smell like?!'

The answer is: Spicy. Intoxicating. Sensual.

This fragrance will take your nose on an alluring scent journey that starts with a base of black pepper and honeysuckle and dries down into exotic blend of Oudh and Saffron.

Notes: An exotic blend of Black Pepper, Saffron, &  Honeysuckle. 

Unusual Places to Apply:

Belly button: Yes, you read that right. Our bellies tend to radiate lots of heat. So your belly button is the perfect place to apply for maximum projection.

Dips of Collar bone: Dips of the collar bone are my favorite place to apply fragrance because whenever you move your arms and head, small airy puffs filled with fragrance are being emitted  constantly which definitely increases the projection.

For My Magical Pussies: Black Kali is charged to enhance your personal power + confidence. Great for new moon manifestation magic. Black Kali is for those wild enough to boldly + passionately live their truth. This is a high quality, concentrated, parfum oil so avoid sensitive areas. External use only.

That Extra Sauce: We recommend using this with your favorite Pussy Oil to create a unique, signature aroma that diffuses differently on each woman who wears it. Your DNA is the secret ingredient that awakens this fragrance to fulfillment, creating a potent combination that reflects your own intoxicating energy and mysticism. Use this energy and conjure up something nice for yourself this holiday season. 

Black Kali will be your new date night scent. Just make sure you leave a review, don't experience her and get stingy. We share resources ova here!

12ml glass bottle 

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