Pussy Snap Back Package


Pussy Snap Back Package includes:

  • 4 pack Pussy Snap Back Herbal Blend 
  • Pussy Salt
  • Crystal & Pussy Affirmation

The Pussy Snap Back Package is a Pussy Protocol created by The Yoni Day Spa. This is a specialty blend designed to snap your pussy back to her former glory. 

This is for:

  • Users who experienced vaginal tearing or vaginal trauma after childbirth or rough sex
  • Users who want to tighten their vaginal canal 
  • Users who have had recent abortions or miscarriages
  • Users who experience vaginal inflammation
  • Users who experience vaginal wounds 


The Pussy Snap Back blend is infused with Pink Himalayan Sea Salt, Calendula, Rose Petals, Yarrow and other healing herbs.

The Pussy Salt includes Pink Himalayan Sea Salt, Dead Sea Salt, Epsom Salt, Calendula, Organic Lavender, and Rose Buds.  

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