Full Moon Steam Ritual

$120 (VIP Price)   $120.00

While the New Moon is all about new beginnings and setting intentions, the Full Moon is a sign of completion, cleansing and releasing what holds us back and harnessing the fierce power we hold within. Are you ready?

Release the fuck boys, fuck girls and anything that no longer honors you with our Pussy Steams. Light your favorite incense and visualize how you will feel once your manifestations come to fruition. Drink your tea and listen to your favorite love song. 


Steam Ritual: 

  1. Steam Blend of Choice (Cleanse, Refresh, Gentle, Cool Down, Pleasure, Endometriosis & PCOS, Valentine)
  2. Pussy Elixir of Choice (Pussy Tea, Moon Tea, Yeast Free Tea, Pussy Passion Tea, Pussy Power Tea)
  3. Incense of Choice (Give Me Head, Goddess Pussy, Seductive Sinnamon) 


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