Hemorrhoids Herbal Blend

$50 (VIP Price)   $50.00

The Hemorrhoid Herbal Blend is one of our Practical Pussy Prescriptions created by The Yoni Day Spa. Each Hemorrhoids Herbal Blend is infused with Yarrow, Plantain, Chamomile and other healing herbs designed reduce the pain, discomfort & burning caused by hemorrhoids, anal fissures, piles & perineal tears. 

This blend will give you 4 steam or 4 soak sessions.

To use as a cool soak or soothing post natal pads:

Follow instructions to boil herbal packet. Allow to cool off. Add to peribottle or soak fabric pads in herbal mixture. If you want herbal mixture to be very chilly add to freezer. Then use the pads as a cold compress to the peritoneal area or rectal area several times a day particularly after bowel movements and urinating.

This blend is for:

  • Users with hemorrhoids 
  • Users with anal fissures
  • Users with perineal tears

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