Pussy Snap Back Steam

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The Pussy Snap Back Herbal Blend is one of our Practical Pussy Prescriptions created by The Yoni Day Spa. Each Pussy Snap Back Herbal Blend is infused with Yarrow, Calendula, Lavender and other healing herbs designed to reduce the pain, discomfort & burning caused by bringing a life into this world via your body.

This blend will give you 4 steam or soak sessions.

This blend is for:

  • Users who are postpartum can steam 1 week after giving birth.
  • Users who have had cesareans can steam 6 weeks after giving birth or once their stitches have healed. 
  • Users who experienced vaginal tearing or vaginal trauma after childbirth or rough sex
  • Users who want to tighten their vaginal canal 
  • Users who have had recent abortions or miscarriages
  • Users who experience vaginal inflammation
  • Users who experience vaginal wounds 


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