VIP (Very Important P*ssy) Membership

$29.95 (VIP Price)   $29.95

So, how does the Membership Work? 

P*ssy Credits

Sign up for the membership and every 30 days you’ll be charged $29.95. You will receive a $29.95 credit into your account. Your $29.95 credit goes into your account to spend on pampering your pussy. The best part? The credits never expire.  

VIP (Very Important P*ssy) Perks

You will have access to early access to exclusive products curated to keep your pussy the prettiest, softest, and healthiest in the land. 

Half Off All Day, Everyday 

As a VIP Member, you receive 50% off all full-priced products. You can treat your pussy to the best for half the price.

Cancel Anytime

When your pussy’s had enough, you can cancel your Membership anytime online.

Free Shipping

Members get free shipping on orders over $150.

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