4 Wellness Tips For Your Vagina You Didn't Ask For But We Are Telling You Anyway.

Drink hella water! 

Pineapple juice can only do so much. If you want your pussy to taste like a snack DRINK WATAAA. Add some Chlorophyll for some extra razzle dazzle.

Wash your vulva, not your vagina!

It is perfectly safe to wash the mons pubis (pussy mound), labia majora (bigger/outer pussy lips), labia minora (smaller/inner pussy lips), clitoris (lift that hood ladies). The only part of the vulva we DO NOT WASH is the vagina. Repeat after me: We do NOT PUT SOAP INSIDE OUR VAGINAS...

STOP Douching! Steam Pussy instead!

If you still believe douching is a safe pussy hygienic practice consider researching the history of douching. Educate yourself for the sake of your pussy's PH balance. Aren't you tried of yeast infections? And just say no to yoni pearls. When in doubt, steam it out.

Give your pussy Vitamin D!

Our pussies love the SUN and fresh air! Give your pussy at least 15 mins of sun a day. Take your panties off and go outside (or lay in front of a window) and bussit open! Also don't sleep in panties. Let that puss breathe.

Let me know in the comments if you have any questions!!! 

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