Hi, I’m Ashley Asatu, The Founder, CEO & Head Product Formulator of The Yoni Day Spa.

And listen, I was just like you!

After being left with a broken heart and what felt like a broken pussy, I knew I had the power to change how I viewed my body with the right tools and knowledge to take complete ownership of my sexual wellness and pleasure.

I also knew there were other women like me who valued sexual wholeness, but were unsure where to turn for healing. 

I had the vision to create a sacred space where melanated pussies could explore better ways of owning their sexual health while protecting their bodies. The Yoni Day Spa was birthed with the intention of creating a community of pussies while offering holistic tools, products and experiences that support every step of your journey to complete reproductive wellness. 

The Yoni Day Spa is on a mission to educate and empower melanated pussies to passionately pursue their sexual wellness, pleasure, and beauty.

We unapologetically believe in:


We want you to honor and reconnect with your body and mind holistically so you can naturally heal your pussies and own your sexual wellness. 


Pleasure is a critical part of sexual health. We want to remind you that pussies deserve pleasure. Get ready for more orgasms, sis.


You’re pussy is beautiful and our products and services are designed to help you recognize, accentuate, and celebrate that beauty.