Medicinal Benefits of Pleasure

The Yogasm Experience is a unique approach to orgasmic healing centered around learning how to release and reframe emotional, mental, and physical triggers. AshelyAsatu utilizes Yoga, Womb Massage, Physical Exercise, Reiki, Intentional Cannabis Consumption, Plant-Based Nutrition, Positive Affirmations, Truth-Telling, and Meditation as consistent and intentional wellness tools. 

AshleyAsatu is extremely passionate about teaching her students how to unapologetically increase their orgasmic pleasure with Yogasm. Why? Because increasing intentional and consensual orgasmic pleasure is not only empowering, it is medicinal. 

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Who is AshleyAsatu?

AshleyAsatu is a public servant who specializes in creating brave spaces to facilitate healing in unconventional ways. In 2013, AshleyAsatu earned an MPA from CSU Stanislaus with specializations in Public Policy, Program Evaluation, Organizational Development, and Group Dynamics. In 2015, AshleyAsatu received her formal Yoga Teacher Training in Hatha Yoga and Kemetic Yoga in Oakland, CA.

Starting The Yogasm Experience

In 2016, AshleyAsatu created The Yogasm Experience by exploring the healing aspects of Yoga, Sensual Liberation, womb based wellness rituals, and plant based medicine. Since the birth of The Yogasm Experience, AshleyAsatu has helped hundreds of women and men all over the world strengthen their bodies and their orgasmic pleasure with her pelvic floor and womb-based routines.