5 Situations When Yoni Steaming Is Not Recommended

When is it not safe to steam?

This is a great question I am asked often. In many scenarios, it is safe to steam and it might be a question of how long to steam or what are the appropriate herbs to steam with. BUT, there definitely are some cases where I would not recommend steaming at all.

Let's talk about 5 situations when steaming is not recommended:

  1. Your pussy is irritated, inflamed or has active sores.
  2. You have an irregular period or spot pre or post period.
  3. You are having an active period.
  4. You are pregnant.
  5. You have a Sexually Transmitted Infection (STI).

Your pussy is irritated, inflamed or has active sores.

If the skin on your vulva or butt is red, swollen, cracked, inflamed, hot to the touch or has an open wound or cut, steaming may not be the best thing for you. This also applies if you are experiencing an active herpes outbreak. Too much heat can make an active outbreak worse.  Even if you are not having an active breakout, you can trigger latent herpes by steaming for too long or with an incorrect herbal formulation. If you have herpes, do not steam unless you are under the direction of a knowledgeable yoni steam practitioner. 

Instead, consider doing a cool herbal soak or rinse. You can still use herbs. Boil herbs, then allow the water to cool down. Add cooled herbal water to bath for a soak or put cooled herbal rinse inside a peri bottle and rinse the vulva . The cool herbal water will soothe itchiness, reduce inflammation and disinfect the sores.

You have an irregular period or spot pre or post period.

If you consistently experience spontaneous uterine bleeding also known as “spotting” it may not be safe to steam until this imbalance is corrected. Spotting may be an indicator of excess circulation in your reproductive organs. If activities like sex and exercise trigger spotting steaming is not safe for you until the imbalance is corrected. Why? Yoni steaming increases blood flow & circulation within the reproductive organs. The heat from the steam softens & relaxes the cervix, which can cause the cervix to prematurely release what is in the uterus. This causes spotting and/or irregular periods.  Special note to all my melanated sisters, we are two times more likely than our non-melanated sisters to have iron-deficiency anemia.  So be mindful of excessive menstrual blood loss during your menstrual cycle. Our blood is our life force and excessive blood loss is hella dangerous. 

Instead, of steaming consider the following suggestions until your period’s imbalance is corrected:

  • Drink blood nourishing tea’s like Moon Tea by The Yoni Day Spa
  • Find an acupuncturist who focuses on reproductive wellness

You are having an active period.

Steaming while experiencing an active period might increase the flow of fresh blood which could possibly lead to excessive uterine bleeding.  An active period presents as pink or red blood.  Your period is no longer active when the blood changes from red to brown. Re-read number 2 if you don't understand why steaming while on an active period might be dangerous. 

Instead, consider steaming before your period starts or when your period ends.  Yoni steaming post period clears out old leftover blood from the vaginal canal.

You're pregnant.

If you’re pregnant, you may need to avoid steaming. I understand the pregnancy discharge struggle.  Just remember, heat from the yoni steam will soften & relax the cervix, possibly encouraging the cervix to slightly open and release whatever is inside the uterus. The cervix is the gateway between the uterus and the vagina, basically this is what keeps the baby inside until labor. Yoni steaming may cause preterm labor, so avoid steaming during this time. 

Instead, consider steaming a few days postpartum to help clean out postpartum vaginal discharge that contains blood, mucus, and uterine tissue. It is important to use a herbal blend formulated for postpartum healing like Pussy Snap Back Herbal Blend by The Yoni Day Spa.

If you have a Sexually Transmitted Infection (STI).

Since the word “infection” is hella broad I want to clarify: I am not referring to yeast “infections” or BV.  Yeast & BV are caused by imbalances and overgrowths of non-harmful organisms in our yoni’s ecosystem. Yoni steaming will help bring your yoni back into homeostasis if that is your issue. 

Now if you have a bacterial based STI like chlamydia or gonorrhea, medical attention and antibiotics are going to be needed to properly heal.  I don't recommend trying to cure STI’s with yoni steaming alone. I get it, you don't trust doctors and you hate what antibiotics do to your body.  I would love for you to consider finding a medical midwife, naturopath, or a holistic women’s health nurse you can trust because healing an STI requires medical assistance.  If left untreated, it can have lasting consequences for the reproductive organs like infertility or pelvic inflammatory disease. 

Instead of steaming first, consider treating the STI with prescribed medication from a licensed medical professional. After completing your antibiotic treatment, you can start incorporating yoni steaming to support the yoni’s healing process. Yoni Steaming and taking Probiotics can be very helpful after completing a round of antibiotics because it can bring your yoni back into balance.

Overall, Yoni Steaming is one of my favorite reproductive healing rituals when used appropriately. When based in intention and education, yoni steaming can be an extremely helpful tool for our reproductive wellness journey, but it is not always the answer to every yoni problem.  Keep these situations in mind when deciding if yoni steaming is ideal for you. If you need any other personalized information, feel free to book a cuntsoultation with me here: https://yonidayspa.as.me/schedule.php


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