September P*ssyscopes

It’s The Yoni Day Spa’s version of monthly horoscopes... but for your pussy. Read your Elemental Sign and find out the perfect pussy products for your wellness, pleasure and beauty.


Earth Signs

Earth signs, your focus is pointed toward your bodies, your passions, and philosophies. Happy Birthday Virgo! The energy for y'all this month is high! 

  • For Taurus, it’s a great time to focus on your heart and creativity.
  • For Virgo, it’s a great time to focus on your body and new beginnings.
  • For Capricorn, it’s a great time to focus on your vision and your personal beliefs.

The pussy can be dry this month shifting from fiery Leo to earthy Virgo so be sure to eat AND drink your water. Don’t overwork yourself, boo! Rest IS the work. If your body is showing signs of holding on to anything (i.e. constipation, water retention, etc), this can be a sign that your body needs help keeping up with the changes. Take time to be still enough to listen to and get reacquainted with your inner Goddess. Self care is calling your name.

You’ll have luck this month with establishing a new routine that includes prioritizing your sensuality. Love on you this month through nourishment and touch. You deserve intimacy from yourself, too.

Air Signs

Air signs, your focus this month seems to be a bit more on what’s happening internally before you can move on from or forward with someone or something.

  • For Gemini, it’s a great time to focus on honoring your intuition so you can follow your heart.
  • Libra, it’s a great time to focus on wrapping up endings and stepping into Nu beginnings. 
  • Aquarius, it’s a great time to focus on getting deeper within self through pushing your sexual boundaries.

Air signs, you are getting out of the space of feeling stuck and limited. Know that you can tap into your passions to help keep you this month! Now is the time for you to really break free of anything that held you back previously. Use these last few moments of internal reflection to give you an inner source for yourself, creativity, and beliefs.

Movement is vital to your pussy wellness this month. You may be a bit tense. Help support your body through the wholistic changes with some sacral movement. Does your sacral innerG feel stiff? Try some kegels over the Cool Down Steam. You can also shake some ass, hula hoop, or have some sacred ass sex to relieve some of that tension sis!

The Pussy Rx:

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Water Signs

Water signs, your focus this month is on your communication, relationships, relating to community and how they impact your internal world.

  • For Cancer, it’s a great time to focus on your relationship with your self worth. 
  • For Scorpio, it’s a great time to focus on your vocation and higher self. 
  • For Pisces, it’s a great time to focus on work and health. It would be best to think before you act or speak. 

Water signs yall know the Pussy is always on agua! Just be sure to steam to keep anything that doesn’t belong in the pum pum at bay. Your wellness will be very much so dependent on your gut health especially towards the end of the month. You won’t notice anything underlying so pay attention to ANY signs your body is giving.

Start off by adding the High Priestess Pussy Soak to your bath routine so you can tap into your inner source. Self reflection is key to sharpening your discernment. Finish off your night by massaging your vulva with the Fall Pussy Oil. This will help your pussy adapt to the mutable energy.

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Gentle Steam

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Fire Signs

Fire signs, your focus is on your wellness, self worth, and higher purpose this month.

  • For Aries, it’s a great time to focus on your daily routines and how you take care of your body.
  • For Leo, it’s a great time to focus on the way you feel about yourself and how that impacts your abundance.
  • For Sagittarius, it’s a great time to focus on your purpose and what it takes to fulfill that.

You’re feeling social this month. It’s important for you to relate with others so you can see how it’s all connected. Just be mindful as there’s a difference between having an opinion and projecting it onto others. If you feel like you aren’t being heard or understood, maybe it’s because you haven’t taken the time out to hold that space for yourself?

Take this month to start implementing bath time into your wellness routine. I would even go as far as suggesting an erotic podcast for mental foreplay. Virgo SZN brings out your inner sapiosexual this month!

Important Astro Dates/ Forecast for August

  • 9/2 - Mars in Virgo opposite Neptune in Pisces - Things could holistically feel murky right now. Pay attention to gut health for clarity. Fast and include probiotics to restore gut health.
  • 9/4 - Mercury in Libra trine Saturn in Aquarius - It’s a good time to put your effort into organizing. It’s ok to be still today sis.
  • 9/5 - Venus in Libra square Pluto in Capricorn - Redirect any friction towards the bedroom, or the car, or the kitchen counter.
  • 9/6 - Nu Moon in Virgo - 5:50 pm PT/8:50 pm ET Welcome the changes as they guide you to a holistically healthier you.
  • 9/6 - Mars in Virgo trine Pluto in Capricorn,  Your energy is hungry, ambitious, and motivated. Embrace knowing you are limitless.
  • 9/6 - Venus in Libra trine Jupiter in Aquarius - Yes you deserve all the good things coming to you today! Take that compliment with confidence boo! Treat yourself to a spa day while you’re at it.
  • 9/10 - Venus enters Scorpio - Be mindful of being possessive or controlling. We can’t control people and affirm “Money is chasing me always”
  • 9/14 - Mars enters Libra & Sun in Virgo opposite Neptune in Pisces - We may be a bit more passive aggressive under this transit. Keep organized and grounded to maintain your wellness and clarity.
  • 9/16 - Sun in Virgo trine Pluto in Capricorn - Nothing gets in the way of the changes that benefit your highest good.
  • 9/17 - Venus in Scorpio square Saturn in Aquarius - Explore vulnerability. Being manipulative will get you nowhere and will only cause more frustration.
  • 9/20 - Full Moon in Pisces - 4:54 pm PT/7:54 pm ET It’ll be a good time to fast a few days before and/or after to aid in release. Remember triggers can be used to shed light on the root of any issues during this time.
  • 9/20 - Mercury in Libra trine Jupiter in Aquarius - It’s a good time to study and connect. Tap into your surroundings as the seasons change
  • 9/22 - Sun enters Libra - 12:08 pm PT/3:08 pm ET Welcome to the Fall Equinox. Libra SZN brings in ALL the good feels when we establish balance, okay!?
  • 9/22 - Mercury in Libra square Pluto in Capricorn - Tension in communication and relationships are only calling you to go deeper.
  • 9/23 - Venus in Scorpio opposite Uranus in Taurus - Expect changes regarding our values and relationships. Be mindful of unexpected financial disturbances.
  • 9/25 - Mars in Libra trine Saturn in Aquarius - Take advantage of this energy to establish balance through structure and discipline. Restrictions and delays are signs showing lack of effort and awareness.
  • 9/26 - Mercury Rx in Libra - The way we think and communicate is up for review and introspection. Reflect on how you choose to communicate and share your thoughts with others.
  • 9/29 - Venus in Scorpio trine Neptune in Pisces - Creative flow is the benefit of this transit. Tap into your dreams and fantasies for inspiration. Enjoy soul merging tantric sex with someone you can trust to go deep with.
  • 9/29 - Sun in Libra trine Saturn in Aquarius - A good day to realign and get focused. The work you’ve been putting in does not go unnoticed today.
  • 9/30 - Venus in Scorpio square Jupiter in Aquarius - After a month of work and readjusting, it’s important to make time for fun! Just don’t overspend as Jupiter can make us overdue it sometimes.

By Myrania Shepherd a.k.a Aunty Saturn

Myrania is an Intuitive Astrologer, Astro Educator, and Herbal Artist that combines different methods of astrology including: Western, Esoteric, Medical, and Evolutionary just to name a few. She believes in observing the depths of energy so we can evolve wholistically and collectively. You can view her services and book an Intuitive Astro reading with her at