October P*ssyscopes

It’s The Yoni Day Spa’s version of monthly horoscopes... but for your pussy. Read your Sun, Moon & Rising Signs and find out the perfect pussy products for your wellness, pleasure and beauty.



Happy Birthday Libra! This SZN you are feeling sexy and flirty. What’s new?

Your focus this month will be on you! Celebrating the blessings you’ve made room for will only attract more. With Mars being in your sign, it’s important to be mindful of inflammation in the body and outbursts within your relationships. Libra, remember your superpower is recognizing everything outside of yourself is a direct reflection of the inside. Eating more sweets than usual can be a sign that you’re mentally running away from something. Take charge of your wellness this month by taking care of your mind. Shower meditations accompanied by your favorite water proof friend will be helpful to strengthen your relationship with pleasure. Use your infamous Libra sex magic to help your desires come to fruition!

The Pussy Rx:


Oh, Scorpio. You are emerging yet again and what a beautiful sight to see!

This time you’re coming from a space of a new solid relationship with self. This looks good on you! IF it feels dark at any moment, just know you’re in another state of metamorphosis. Nu beginnings are on the horizon so hang in there. Self care will be important for you to maintain the energy exchanges this month. The Sun Goddess Pussy Soak will be exactly what you need to lighten up your Pussy’s mood for the days you need an extra kiss of sunshine. Masturbation and head will also contribute to your overall Pussy Wellness. Sometimes you hold on to things when you can’t see clearly. Your orgasms will help light the way to the world within you.

The Pussy Rx:


This month you’re feeling good and looking even better! 

You’re focused on your future, dreams, and community! Relationships go smoothly for you this month as your charm is at a high and you’re able to communicate effectively. One thing to be mindful of is overloading your body with sweets in the name of comfort. You know how you get Sag. Your energy will start to shift and become more internal once we get closer to the end of the month. Use Libra SZN to attract all that you hope to experience in the future. You’re ready to mingle and as long as you have energetic boundaries in place, you’re able to utilize your Pussy for more than just pleasure. Think BIG! Tap into that Pussy Power, sis!

The Pussy Rx:


This month your focus is on your higher purpose and vocation but when is that not the case with you?

Virgo SZN had y'all working, ok!? Now it’s time for you to INjoy the fruits of your labor and the beauty of what this month has to offer. You’re feeling connected to and inspired by something bigger than yourself. Ride this wave! Libra SZN is a great time to practice your innerstanding of attracting the vibration that you are.You have all the tools you need to get where you’re going. Use Libra SZN’s sex magic to bring your manifestations to fruition. Your dreams and your highest potential already exist within you. It’s only a matter of innerstanding that. I see a breakthrough coming in the form of multiple orgasms! Know you deserve that time, care, and effort it takes to make you cum!

The Pussy Rx:


Your focus this month is on broadening your horizons and tapping into your higher mind. 

You are the genius of the zodiac after all. This month will be spent developing your vision. Overstand any adversity or friction you experience during this time will only occur to help you tap into your higher self. Your support will come from your friends and community. Keep in mind, being overly defensive of your beliefs can potentially inhibit your higher mind from growing. Aquarius rules the way energy circulates within our body. The Pussy Tonic Tea is perfect companion to help make sure you keep that energy moving! It looks like someone that’s able to keep up with you intellectually is turning you on this month! Have fun and don’t take anything too seriously. I know I don’t have to tell you that because you are ALL about your freedom to choose!

The Pussy Rx:


Some things are coming to an end for you and this could seem frustrating.

Keep in mind the cardinal energy of Libra SZN will help propel you forward from this space. Be cautious of potential accidents. Flip this energy by tapping into tantric sex. You know how you are when you get to experience that exalted energy exchange. Keep things light and playful. If you do decide to get risky, this month will be a good time to start using safe words. Allow yourself to roam free with your creativity this month. Libra SZN brings out the GROWN and playful you. Sex this month helps you tap into source deeper than usual. If you’re experiencing any kind of inflammation, the Pussy Glaze is coming to the rescue as your Pussy Rx.

The Pussy Rx:

Pussy Glaze

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This month your focus is on your relationships.

Your aggression can be displayed onto the people you love. This is because you may feel like you’re not being seen or heard but please innerstand this is a reflection of your internal world. See these moments as opportunities to share your personal truths. People are more likely to hear you when you’re passionately explaining your personal beliefs versus defending something you find pointless. You have blessings available to you when you make the choice to broaden your perspective over defending an outdated one.Travel this month! Meet new people through new experiences. Let your next date be at the finest museum near you. Use that Pussy magic of yours to manifest love, balance, and compromise in your closest relationships.

The Pussy Rx:


It’s really important to focus on your gut health and the way your body eliminates toxins this month.

Make sure your gut has the proper support it needs to function starting with some probiotics as your PussyRx. This will impact your ability to wholistically digest whether that be food or information. It looks like your sweet tooth is starting to impact your body’s ability to release waste. That sweet tooth got stronger with lacking a routine that works for you. This month you will feel your energy aligned with reorganizing your wholistic space. Your charm is most effective in your most intimate relationships this month so definitely use that to your advantage. Ask for help if you need it! You can utilize your Pussy magic to help move/release any blockages or stagnant energy keeping you out of balance. This way you’ll be able to transcend and welcome all the LibraSZN blessings boo!

The Pussy Rx:


This month your focus is all about your pleasure.

This is your SZN to get in alignment with what makes you feel good about your relationships. Just be mindful that you are not chasing a high you’ll eventually have to come down from. What goes up must come down and you have a say so in how. Your energy will be well invested in your joy and creativity. You did a lot of work during Virgo SZN and now it’s time for you to relax and INjoy yourself. Towards the end of the month, you’ll want to make sure you actually map out time to get work done and get reorganized. Try not to mix your energy up too much. I know your energy is feeling high. You can utilize your Pussy magic to manifest you cumming to equilibrium. This will help you map your energy out especially towards the end of the month.

The Pussy Rx:

Give Me Head Incense

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You’re feeling a bit more internal and private this SZN. 

You’re reflecting on your roots, home, and family. The best thing you can do for yourself is establish a routine that you truly value and believe in. One that you feel will help you get closer to your inner child. Libra SZN is about finding the beauty in the work that’s being done within you, Cancer. You feel your energy changing based on recognizing what within you needs care and attention. The Empress Pussy Soak will be perfect for you especially towards the end of the month. Before we tap into our creative being we must be able to tap into our inner child. Grab your favorite waterproof toy during your baths and envision a wholistically healthy vessel. Masturbating to 417 Hz will enhance the healing energy of your Pussy magic!

The Pussy Rx:


This SZN you’re focused on your immediate environment and intellectual pursuits.

What’s on your mind? Better yet, what’s on your heart? Don’t even think for a second about ignoring it either. This should be your focus to help you INjoy the magic of Libra SZN. Looks like you might get some cutty from someone in your neighborhood *inserts side eye emoji here*! Well alright then! You get to be the playful, sexy performer in the bedroom you just naturally are, Leo. Mental frustrations are the only thing that can get in the way of you experiencing limitless pleasure this month. Meditate over the Pleasure Steam while listening to 639Hz to promote a healthy heart and healthy communication. You don’t have to hold on to all those feelings! Let it all out … a few times if you’re picking up what I’m putting down *wink*!

The Pussy Rx:

Pleasure Steam

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Are you the choker or the chokee this month?

Either way safety is sexy and safe words are a must, ok? We don’t want any accidents! Your focus is on your values and self worth this month. Addressing things within your foundation can be helpful to strengthening your sense of self worth. Pay attention to any feelings of inadequacy as they’ll point you in the direction of opportunity! Opportunity to build confidence, strengthen your relationship with pleasure, and later on in the month, build a better relationship with your inner child. This will take a load off of your mind so you can INjoy pleasure fully. You know you always have a lot on your mind which is why a light choke would put your mental at ease. That’s why the Rich Auntie Pussy Soak is perfect for you this month! So I ask again, Virgo, are you the choker or chokee?

The Pussy Rx:

Important Astro Dates/ Forecast for August

  • 10/1 - Mercury in Libra Square Pluto in Capricorn  - Power struggles in communication are likely. 
  • 10/2 - Venus in Scorpio sextile Pluto in Capricorn - You can really tap into someone’s soul with a little bit of vulnerability. 
  • 10/3 - Mercury in Libra trine Jupiter in Aquarius - Studying is encouraged for topics like astrology. You can also take a short trip and have some fun!
  • 10/6 - Nu Moon in Libra - 4:04 am PT/ 7:04 am ETNu beginnings regarding relationship matters, opportunity to plant a seed of balance where Libra is in your chart.
  • 10/6 - Pluto stations direct
  • 10/7 - Venus enters Sagittarius - We are feeling more liberated from and within our relationships. Chasing what excites us and brings pleasure. Can you keep up?
  • 10/8 - Sun in Libra conjunct - Mars in Libra Energy is high! Let off some steam *wink* Be mindful as this transit can invite inflammation where Mars is in your chart. Frustration points to potential insecurities that need care.
  • 10/9 - Sun in Libra conjunct Mercury in Libra - Our minds are focused on establishing balance and enjoying our surroundings.
  • 10/9 - Mercury in Libra conjunct - Mars in LibraTalk your sh*t! Mostly beneficial if we’re using communication to establish balance. What do you have to defend that’s causing the scales to tip?
  • 10/10 - Saturn stations direct - It’s time to start building the foundation for the future again!
  • 10/13 - Venus in Sagittarius sextile Saturn in Aquarius - Priorities within your relationships can be seen now. Your needs are met. Work that needs thorough attention can get done.
  • 10/15 - Sun in Libra trine Jupiter in Aquarius - Start the weekend off by taking every opportunity to experience joy.
  • 10/16 - Mercury in Libra sextile Venus in Sagittarius - I see you feeling good! Go ahead and treat yourself to your Pussy Rx and invest in the VIP (Very Important Pussy) Membership because you deserve it!
  • 10/17 - Sun in Libra square Pluto in Capricorn - Egos may cause power struggles leaving relationships feeling.
  • 10/17 - Jupiter stations direct - The abundance never stopped!
  • 10/19 - Mercury stations direct - Communication returns to normal and we’re ready to establish balance with our words.
  • 10/20 - Full Moon in Aries 7:55 am PT/ 10:55 am ET - Release anything that no longer honors who you are becoming.
  • 10/22 - Mars in Libra square Pluto in Capricorn - It’s a good time to practice safe words @ Capricorn, Virgo, & Taurus! Tie up some loose ends but don’t become obsessed. Make time for play .
  • 10/23 - Sun enters Scorpio - Our focus is shifted towards how we can merge with others on a soul level. How deep are you willing to go?
  • 10/26 - Venus in Sagittarius square Neptune in Pisces - Beware of escapism. Tap into your creative freedom! You’ll feel good spending your time daydreaming or watching/creating films. Go easy on the sweets!
  • 10/28 - Venus in Sagittarius sextile Jupiter in Aquarius - It’s ok to have fun but not too much fun. The only rule is to keep your yoni needs in mind.
  • 10/30 - Mars enters Scorpio - We’re feeling sexy and possessive over what belongs to us. It’s officially soul snatching SZN! Say that and mark your territory then sis!
  • 10/30 - Sun in Scorpio square Saturn in Aquarius - Restrictions, delays, and disappointments point to your own lack of self discipline. There’s an opportunity to grow your confidence where you feel inadequate. 

By Myrania Shepherd a.k.a Aunty Saturn

Myrania is an Intuitive Astrologer, Astro Educator, and Herbal Artist that combines different methods of astrology including: Western, Esoteric, Medical, and Evolutionary just to name a few. She believes in observing the depths of energy so we can evolve wholistically and collectively. You can view her services and book an Intuitive Astro reading with her at myrania.setmore.com.