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Pussy Pamper Bundle SALE

This bundle deal includes:

  • our new herbal moon tea
  • 15 min cuntsoultation
  • your choice of an herbal blend that comes with a Pussy Affirmation & Crystal
  • a bottle of our #1 Best Seller Pussy Oil
  • a jar of our magical Pussy Clay Mask      


This is the perfect way to pamper yourself. 

#1 Best Selling Herbal Blend

The Yoni Cleanse Herbal Blend is one of our #1 Best Sellong Practical Pussy Prescriptions created by The Yoni Day Spa. 

Each Yoni Cleanse Herbal Blend includes a crystal and womb affirmation so you can set your intentions and create your own sacred womb healing ritual.

This blend will give you 6 steam sessions.

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