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Luxx As Fuxx Body Oil

Luxx As Fuxx Body Oil ($250) is a new product intentionally crafted by hand in micro-batches, by The Yoni Day Spa. Each 4 ounce glass bottle contains a rare blend of essential and cold pressed plant oils. Luxx As Fuxx Body Oil is a rich antioxidant treatment designed to soften and scent your skin from head to toe. We chose exclusive oils from around the world because our skin is worth the investment. Tap into this #RichBitchEnergy.

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The Holy Trinity of Oils

Unrefined Cucumber Oil

A luxurious oil effective in treating dry skin and revitalizing maturing skin.

This healing oil is known for:

- anti-inflammatory
- absorbs into skin quickly 
- improves skin elasticity 
- detoxes skin’s pores
- full of vitamin B1 and C

Unrefined Orchid Oil

A rare oil effective in softening and conditioning dry skin.

This lush oil is known for:

- deeply moisturizes skin
- boosting skin's immunity
- reduces signs of aging
- softens & brightens skin
- full of calcium, magnesium and zinc

Unrefined Strawberry Seed Oil

An exclusive oil effective in preventing the breakdown of collagen.

This anti-aging oil is know for:

- antioxidant
- gives youthful, radiant glow 
- moisturizing for all skin types
-reduces fine lines
- full of boron, phosphorous, magnesium, and cobalt which keeps tissues supple