Dick Spray

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Buy this for your partner if you keep getting yeast infections or BV...your pussy wellness should be a group effort...make sure they are doing their part too!

The medicinal herbs in our Dick Herbal Spray is a simple way to keep their penis in tip top health! This spray can be used on their dick and balls to kill bacteria, neutralize odor and it will keep their jewels moisturized and soft. Dick Spray is also an amazing way to refresh the balls and kill off any bacteria before and after sex. This product is really a win for everyone!

How to use:

Spray 2-3 pumps of Dick Spray to your groin area after a shower, workout, and before and after sex. 

Ingredients:  Distilled Water, Organic Apple Cider Vinegar, Cnidium, Atractylodes, Melissa Oil.

1OZ glass bottle

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