Refresh Steam

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The Yoni Refresh Herbal Blend is one of our Practical Pussy Prescriptions created by The Yoni Day Spa. Each Yoni Refresh Herbal Blend is infused with Rose Petals, Mugwort, and Peppermint and other cleansing herbs designed to increase circulation, clean the uterus, eliminate vaginal odor and nourish the womb and other reproductive organs. 

This blend will give you 4 steam sessions.

This blend is for:

  • Users with missing periods
  • Users with Normal 28 day cycles
  • Users with Cycles longer than 28 days
  • Users taking Birth Control

Questions to ask yourself if you are considering if this is the right blend for you at this time.

Is your period blood dark in color (brown, dark red, or black)?

Do you experience painful bloating and or cramping before, during or after your period? 

Do you experience heavy blood clots?

Have you been on some form of birth control for hella years and now your cycle is missing or longer than 5 days? 

Does your pussy smell funky right before, during or after your period?

Is this period odor preventing you from having full pussy confidence?

If you have ever felt like your pussy was broken because of those things then this blend is for you!

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