Cleanse Steam

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Price: $50.00

The Yoni Cleanse Herbal Blend is one of our Practical Pussy Prescriptions created by The Yoni Day Spa. Each Yoni Cleanse Herbal Blend is infused with Mugwort, White Sage, Peppermint and other cleansing herbs designed reduce inflammation, drain excess vaginal mucus while killing bacteria, funguses, and viruses.

This blend will give you 4 steam sessions.

This blend is for:

  • Users with 28 day periods
  • Users with infections, viruses, and bacterias that cause excess vaginal mucus or discharge 
  • Users who experience chronic BV
  • Users who experience chronic yeast infections
  • Users currently diagnosed with cervical cancer
  • Users who recently had an abnormal Pap Smear

Questions to ask yourself if you are considering if this is the right blend for you at this time.

Are you always battling with BV, a yeast infection or a UTI?

Are your panties always damp from excess pussy mucus and discharge?

Is the discharge white, yellow or green?

Do the discharge have a smell?

Does your pussy need her flora reset?

Are you looking for a holistic way to finally dry out the excess mucus? 

If you answered yes to any of those questions, this blend is for you!


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